Meeting Minutes – July 6th, 2017 – Halal Bihalal

Theme                          : Halal Bihalal                                                           

Word of the day         : Forgive                                                                                            

Time                             : 7.00 – 9.00 PM                                                         

Attendees                    : 14                                                     

Members                      : 10                                                     

Visiting Toastmasters : 1                                                       

Guests                            : 3            


Opening Remarks                  : TM Kirti Parkash Sharma, CC, CL                         

Toasmasters of Meeting        : TM Kandida                                                           

General Evaluator                  : TM Alex                                                      

Grammarian                            : TM Feliana                                                  

Ballot Counter                         : TM Nadia                                                    

Timer                                        : TM Inazyelia                                                           

AH/WOD Counter                   : TM Linda                                                                                            

Prepared Speech Session

  1. BM#1                  : Ice Breaker                                      

Speaker                       : TM Friska Pamela                                       

Title                              : Home is Where the Heart is                                    

Evaluator                    : TM Kandida                                                                                                   

2. BM#2                       :   Organize your Speech                                            

Speaker                       :   TM Ariyani Sanjung                                              

Title                              :   Deal with Career Life                                            

Evaluator                     :   TM Ratu Gumelar                               

3. AM#1  :                                              

Speaker                        :   TM Ratu Gumelar                                      

Title                               :   The Rainbow Fish                                      

Evaluator                     :   TM Inazyelia                                              

Table Topic Session

Speaker                       : TM Anazyelia, TM Nando, TM Dini, TM Dewi, TM Nadia, TM Nadia                                                                                                                                      

Hall of fame                                                                    

Best Speaker                             : TM Pamela                                      

Best Table Topic Speaker       :   TM Alex                                         

Best Evaluator                          :   TM Inazyelia                                              


Congratulations to all the winners.   ^_^

                                                             Meeting Overview                                                              

The first meeting in new periode (20017-2018) was successfully conducted. The meeting was led by TM Kandida. We had three speakers in that night, TM Friska Pamela who successfully broke the ice, and we all finally know the meaning of home in her heart. The second speaker was TM Ariyani Sanjung, who delivered speech about dealing with career life and gave us tips how to have a good work life balance in systematic manner. Finally, TM Ratu Gumelar who shared a tale of rainbow fish that was very inspiring and entertaining.

Meanwhile, we have innovation on Table Topics session namely “”Who wants to be a Table Topic Champion””. At that night, the participants were given questions based on their preference number shown in the monitor and the room was full with excited sound from others. All participants gave inspiring story that was touch our heart too.


Let’s join to our regular meeting at Essential Toastmaster Club every Thursday (1st week and 3rd week) and share your story ^_^



Club Secretary                                                                       

Essential Toastmasters Club 2017 – 2018      


MEETING MINUTES – 10 June 2017 – Graduation

Meeting dates: 10 Jun 2017
Themes: Graduation
WoD: Journey
TOM: Indra Anthony Kusmanto
GE: Haryadi Herdian
Grammarian: Linda Fransiska
Timer: Debby Paramitasari
Ah & WoD Counter: Wendell Alexander
Ballot Counter: Oktavius Aditya Prananda
TTM: Paramaresthi Windriyani
Speaker #1: Kirti Sharma – Professional Speaking AM#1: Leading with STYLE (15-20 mins)
Evaluator #1: Indra Anthony Kusmanto
Exco 2016-2017 Appreciation: Indra Anthony Kusmanto
New Exco 2017-2018 Installation: Eida Zurhaidayati
The Most Favorite Speaker:
Table Topics: Ratu Gumelar
Evaluator: Indra Anthony Kusmanto
Prepared Speech: Kirti Sharma

MEETING MINUTES – 24 May 2017 – Fasting

Meeting dates: 24 May 2017
Themes: Fasting
WoD: Faith
TOM: Indra Anthony Kusmanto
GE: Eida Zurhaidayati
Grammarian: Nadia Astriani
Timer: Feliana Kosasih
Ah & WoD Counter: Eida Zurhaidayati
Ballot Counter: Eida Zurhaidayati
TTM: Eka Kandida Rosi
Speaker #1: Wendell Alexander – BM5: “On Being Wrong” (5-7 mins)
Speaker #2: Debby Paramitasari – BM5: “Be Brave” (5-7 mins)
Speaker #3: Indra A Kusmanto – Edu Speech: “Leaders in Club Meetings in Toastmasters” (10-15 mins)
Talkshow: Indra Anthony Kusmanto, Eida Zurhaidayati, Kirti Sharma
Evaluator #1: At Tachriirotul Muyassaroh
Evaluator #2: Kirti Sharma
Evaluator #3: Kirti Sharma
The Most Favorite Speaker:
Table Topics: Paramaresthi Windriyani
Evaluator: Kirti Sharma
Prepared Speech: Wendell Alexander

MEETING MINUTES – 18 May 2017 – Information Technology

Meeting dates: 18 May 2017
Themes: Information Technology
WoD: Cloud
TOM: Paramaresthi Windriyani
GE: Wendell Alexander
Grammarian: Feliana Kosasih
Timer: Marini Sihombing
Ah & WoD Counter: Ariyani Sanjung
Ballot Counter: Haryadi Herdian
TTM: Indra Anthony Kusmanto
Speaker #1: Nadia Astriani – BM#1: “About Me”
Speaker #2: Ariani Sanjung – BM#1: “Getting Closer with Me”
Speaker #3: Feliana Kosasih – BM#4: “Mastering Your Emotion”
Speaker #4: Eka Kandida Rosi – BM#10: “I Was Here”
Speaker #5: Paramaresthi Windriyani – Humorous Speaking AM#1: “An IT Person”
Evaluator #1: Rahmah Aulia Haryani
Evaluator #2: Paramaresthi Windriyani
Evaluator #3: Eka Kandida Rosi
Evaluator #4: Indra Anthony Kusmanto
Evaluator #5: Indra Anthony Kusmanto
The Most Favorite Speaker:
Table Topics: Wendell Alexander
Evaluator: Indra Anthony Kusmanto
Prepared Speech: Nadia Astriani

MEETING MINUTES – 10 May 2017 – Pancasila

Meeting dates: 10 May 2017
Themes: Pancasila
WoD: Democracy
TOM: Eida Zurhaidayati
GE: Haryadi Herdian
Grammarian: Wendell Alexander
Timer: Linda Fransiska
Ah & WoD Counter: Debby Paramitasari
Ballot Counter: Haryadi Herdian
TTM: Indra Anthony Kusmanto
Speaker #1: Oktavius – BM#2: “What Makes You Stay Wake Up”
Speaker #2: Eka Kandida Rosi – BM#9: “Leader in You”
Club President Candidates Campaign: Paramaresthi Windriyani, Eka Kandida Rosi, Kirti Sharma
Evaluator #1: Paramaresthi Windriyani
Evaluator #2: Haryadi Herdian
The Most Favorite Speaker:
Table Topics: Wendell Alexander
Evaluator: Haryadi Herdian
Prepared Speech: Eka Kandida Rosi

MEETING MINUTES – 4 May 2017 – Birthday

Meeting dates: 4 May 2017
Themes: Birthday
WoD: Wingding
TOM: At Tachriirotul Muyasaroh
GE: Indra A Kusmanto
Grammarian: Eka Kandida Rosi
Timer: Marini Sihombing
Ah & WoD Counter: Kirti Sharma
Ballot Counter: Debby Paramitasari
TTM + Video Session: Indra Anthony Kusmanto
Speaker #1: Debby Paramitasari – BM#4: “It’s Hard to be Different”
Speaker #2: Eka Kandida Rosi -BM8: “Color in Your Life”
Speaker #3: Paramaresthi Windriyani – AM#1 Speaking to Inform: “The Game”
Evaluator #1: Paramaresthi Windriyani
Evaluator #2: Kirti Sharma
Evaluator #3: Indra Anthony Kusmanto
The Most Favorite Speaker:
Table Topics: Kirti Sharma
Evaluator: Kirti Sharma
Prepared Speech: Eka Kandida Rosi

MEETING MINUTES – 20 April 2017 – Earth Day

Meeting dates: 20 Apr 2017
Themes: Earth Day
WoD: Green Energy
TOM: Indra Anthony Kusmanto
GE: Ikhwan Satria Mudir (Excellence)
Grammarian: Wendell Alexander
Timer: Debby Paramitasari
Ah & WoD Counter: Feliana Kosasih
Ballot Counter: Indra Anthony Kusmanto
TTM: Debby Paramitasari
Speaker #1: Feliana Kosasih – BM#3: “Responsibility”
Speaker #2: Wendell Alexander – BM#4: “When You Believe You’re Right”
Speaker #3: Dina (JTC) – AM#2 Specialty Speeches: “Dream Big” (8-10 mins)
Speaker #4: Ikhwan (Visiting TM) – BM#6: “A Lesson from A Mirror”
Speaker #5: Eka Kandida Rosi – BM#7: “Never Say Never”
Evaluator #1: Indra Anthony Kusmanto
Evaluator #2: Dina (JTC)
Evaluator #3: Indra Anthony Kusmanto
Evaluator #4: Dina (JTC)
Evaluator #5: Ikhwan Satria Mudir (Excellence)
The Most Favorite Speaker:
Table Topics: Linda (Guest)
Evaluator: Dina (JTC)
Prepared Speech: Wendell Alexander